Education for this world and the akhirah Al Fajr is one of the few schools in Chennai that has both excellent academic classes as well as Islamic studies which is beneficial in this world and the akhirah. I’m also extremely happy that my son does not miss Friday prayer. The school has also helped him to shape his character. The IGCSE curriculum taught in the school has helped my son to think creatively and has also helped him develop his skills. I’m also happy to note that the school has not neglected other various activities, which my son has participated eagerly and enjoyed and benefitted greatly. The school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and my child is happy with the school. The school staff are helpful and supportive. I thank Allah for blessing our family with a great school which has great benefits both in this world and in the akhirah. I hope and pray that this continues for generations to come (bi iznillah).

Umm Raaid


Raaid Abdullah